Exclusive: Corporate cronyism under fire, faces existential threat


With accusations of abuse directed at private companies providing public services, a package of privatization safeguards is expected to be introduced in nearly half the nation’s state legislatures in the next session, according to a group pushing the measures.“If you contract to fix your car or paint your house” and “don’t figure out exactly in advance what you want, and get that done precisely, and you don’t watch real closely, then you get screwed,” said Donald Cohen, who directs In the Public Interest — a project of the Partnership for Working Families, which produces research critical of the subcontracting of government work — and chairs the ITPI Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) that pushes legislation. “That’s what happens with contracting.” IPTI’s funders include foundations and unions.In a report being released Wednesday afternoon, ITPI urges adoption of a battery of measures to confront alleged abuses by such companies providing public services. According to ITPI Action Fund, legislators in nearly half the states – including California, Maryland and Pennsylvania – plan to introduce versions of that legislation.Continue Reading…

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